Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Albrecht Durer gives us the angel of genius with his Melencolia I (Melancholy), ca. 1514. As if leaving instructions for a divine translation several indications nominate the angelic name Melencolia I. The little putto takes notes as if transcribing angel speak into a message for the human heart. Everything on display in this print appears to take you to divinity and the Holy divine. Almost like the information and Gods divine law have already ascended to the Heaven of the heart. Gods moved house. The hourglass nominates Heaven, the scales, the human weightlessness of an angel or divine thought, the mourning bell over the magic square feels to communicate the hour of this. Divine geometry or the scale of the heart is noted with the polyhedron and the sphere giving us the mathematical premise of God. The divine angel of Melancholy wears sacred cloth and represents with her compass a dark contemplation of the divine angel of love.