Sunday, April 20, 2014


Carlo Naya gave us his panorama of Venice series of photographs. God takes you via the human being along the Grand Canal as if along the flow of life. Philosophy of this ascension tenets similar territory with the use of the machine as a tool for the depiction of your vision of reality. Earlier than this we have J.M.W. Turner and his atmospheric interpretation of Venetian light. The romantic philosophy of Turner was a prevalent pursuit and took you to God along another journey. Even though gondolas are reminiscent of your last ferry ride, we are not being traversed across a Hell ride and the river Styx. The panoramic view of the canal takes you through the history of Venice and its place with the royal family. St. Mark's square is in the background of this photograph and the composition has a prosaic view. Even though we are reminded of former trips to Italy and the maze of alleyways and streets Venice has on offer, my heart is always drawn to the breath of the human being.