Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Now to talk about divinity, the Saint Mary Magdalene figure in this divine little altar offering unto God, holds a candle with a divine cloth to communicate the Holy divine. The scripture reader reads her a message to ascend Christ to God via the scripture and the flame of the candle, not that the sermon would have happened at night, premise dawn. One is remaining. You are reminded of Georges de la Tour and his Magdalen with the smoking flame of a candle, contemplating death. This French understanding of the eternal flame and God via the divine angel ascends Christ by the smoke of the flame. Georges de la tour possibly led a hermetic life. His life goddess does not appear wed nor have led the life of a prostitute. Her countenance is more the appearance of Early Christian piety. Not the earth goddess mother, often all the artistic symbolism to do with Mary is so potent we have Clotho wound up with the River goddess. Something really similar to Camille Claudel's representation of Clotho entwining life through her hair and divine fate. The small ivory representation of Saint Mary Magdalene in the Louvre deposition appears like an older woman already experienced of life.