Saturday, March 22, 2014


The cross is nominating God and the Holy divine with the early French Gothic sculpture, Deposition from the Cross, c. 1250-1260, now housed in the Louvre Museum. This divine offering from God takes you to the special place of a heavenly door in the heart. Christ is prosaic in white ivory with golden hair and appears to nominate the love of God through the death of the Lord. You feel he is a divine offering of an ascension of the word. This really deep comprehension of the Holy divine appears to transcend Gods love through the church door and out through a stained glass window, a steeple of philosophy. All the Gothic church architecture took you to God through extreme elongation of tympanum sculpture, your consciousness being taken even further via the ascension of church interiors. The angels taking you to Heaven on high by the roofline but descending down to this exquisite ivory sculpture group, you feel the Holy Trinity is found and Christ's Holy physical body served its purpose.