Friday, March 21, 2014


The Virgin and Child Enthroned, c. 1475, by Cosimo Tura is embroidering the constellations for God. We notice the Virgin Mary wearing the divine cloth woven in the breast jacket she wears. Her head has a divine crown reminiscent of a circle of stars often associated with a divine being. The Christ child is surrounded by the golden divine. The two principles in the front either side of a baptismal font seem also part of the Holy sermon for Christ. The folds and velvet cloth of the blue of Virgin Mary are luscious and the royalty seems her message. The style of Cosimo Tura is evident with both the faces and the emotional use of the hands. The frontal position of the picture plane and the minimal use of perspective is highlighted by the background blue. The Virgin Mary stands upon a many sided hexagon to nominate the divine and the coming of the season. His use of fruit is suggestive of Saint Anthony and the divine garden of Holy fruit.