Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Carlo Crivelli contributed The Dead Christ supported by Two Angels, c. 1470-1475.

This divine offering from God allows you to be transcended to Heaven with Gods love. The two divine angels sent from Heaven appear so sad that Christ died for the love in his heart. What was Gods message here? To love and to feel God in your heart for your fellow human beings will only lead to him. The cherub like angels of love and the golden background take you further. Carlo Crivelli's style is significant and Christ's big boned fingers are reminiscent of the hands of God. The torso, the body and the hair of Christ have a linear divine countenance. Again mathematical equations equalling the divine through proportions equated with geometrical philosophy seem to apply here. This sublime painting would have to be one of the most important works of art describing the human being equalling the divine.