Sunday, March 9, 2014


Following on from this, John Milton left his deeply humanist novel, Paradise Lost, and you feel Satan is described as the human being, the evil within. Milton's devil does tempt Eve into biting an apple from the sacred tree of knowledge, Gods divine knowledge. The devil is surprised with how easy it is to do this nasty deed. He travels through time to preempt the couple Adam and Eve arriving from their lost paradise into not earth but another domain of Heaven, something like fallen angels of Christ. You feel Milton has left the city streets of London to move to the country to write this novel. Something like a country priest. Maybe his lively city lifestyle was a bit cramped in the country. A great place to contemplate his entire life there in London. The devil appears far too human. This is translated as God had to tempt the goddess within or Eve who was born of Adam, so they could complete the fall, of a biblical nature and produce human beings or the human race. The book has very special biblical overtones and you feel that Milton must have been a man of faith. His poetry is a reinterpretation of the life on the street through biblical themes. Several volumes of verse are currently available.