Monday, March 17, 2014


Fra Filippo Lippi suggests with his painting The Annunciation, 1450-1453, that God live in the Virgin Mary. The divine dove feels like he has to slow down with his divine message to her small bible and God appears to have done this via the artist by applying little clouds to his feet, human car brakes. The Virgin Mary is in the company of a divine angel who gives her a divan blessing. The semicircular canvas suggests a divan sphere from the divine spheres of celestial heavenly maps. We feel the golden ascension is worked out via one of these. A mathematical equation of God not commonly used. Instruments of service are communicating the blessing ceremony with plants and elements of God in the garden. The divine circles of the divine dove are complemented elsewhere, for example, the golden divine reference on the Virgin Mary's divine brow. The two representations from the divine of an earthly gracing appear to be premise, the artist and his wife maybe before their firstborn. Both have really sweet facing.