Sunday, May 31, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The hellhound had three heads. Cerberus, another hybrid, Ancient Greek, monster, part dog, serpent, snake with the lions claw, guarded the entrance to the underworld or Hades, to prevent the dead from escaping and the living from entering. The three heads face three ways, the future, the past and the present. The guard to the underworld is of the nature of a guard to the unconscious and a fear of dreams, where Hypnos can take you down the river of sleep, to the eternal Lethe of forgetfulness. The vicious hellhound devours the passage to Hell. The underworld doubles up as a passage to the afterlife or Heaven for the blessed and a realm not known on Earth. Cerberus had the role of making you fearful of the realm of death. The realm of the living is where we need frequent. We face the way of the Sun.