Thursday, May 21, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

It takes a penguin about a day or eight hours, to swim twenty nautical miles (thirty-seven kilometres) and sometimes penguins have to swim this far to a safer feeding ground. Penguins can swim very long distances, from their mating grounds, to feed their young and one parent penguin, has to stay, with the young, for protection from predators. Unfortunately, penguins can be eaten by sea lions and seals, so, sometimes do not return to feed their young. Penguins usually mate for life and if they lose either their young or a mate, they can get depressed and commit suicide, they will wander off in the opposite direction of the rookery, to die of starvation. Few animals simply give up, for the survival instinct is stronger than death or dying. Penguins, not too unlike their human companions, die of a broken heart. Other sole mating bird species are simply lonely after a mate dies. Penguins cannot cope with the loneliness. Infinity is love.