Monday, May 4, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The Spirit finds its journey and we find its home. The trees take us to the garden and God say a prayer for the trees. Love the forest to love you, for we are trees in the forest of love. We climb the trees, as creatures of the forest would do, for safety and a home. Our home is our forest in the trees. Trees love all the creatures of the forest climbing their limbs, as our forest likes ascension. Forests take us to Heaven this way, for we are tree and forests love us that way, to spread our limbs and grow into the sky, our light comes form our sky. We are inner sky like we are inner forest and the sky loves us like the heavens love the birds. The birds tell us about ascension by the communication of the creatures in the forest. Your forest is your tree to grow into the sky. Love the birds to love you, they tell you who is to enter your forest. Birds tell you the news.