Friday, May 22, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Other marine mammals are not always kindly thought about but have a majestic purpose for God. For example, sharks are quite commonly seen in shallow waters, near where the surf breaks upon the shore and this is a good feeding ground, and protective place for female sharks rearing their young. Sharks are built with a protective mechanism of several layers of teeth in really powerful jaws for eating a bigger kind of deep-sea fish. Unfortunately, human beings often do not respect the shark's breeding grounds and are savagely attacked. These beautiful Divine creatures of the deep are mammals for God's Divine purpose and should be left alone as a gracing of the sea. Sharks take you to the infinite with the length of their tails. Several species of shark are noted in the wild and are decorated accordingly by God's Divine landscape, for protection. One almost feels, the light coloured spots, certain varieties acquire, are as an indication of the light of God at sea. The protective brushstrokes of God's Divine hand are so the sharks are invisible and look like dappled sunlight on the sea. There, in the sea, the infinite takes you to God. The sea.