Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When you get approached by the other side or death via a spiritual being, there is death in your house. Beware of Satan. There are a lot of creatures associated with death, for example, ravens, snakes, bats and cats. These creatures of God make you aware of the dangers that lay ahead, they also share this purpose for the animal spirits frequenting the area they live in. In Apocalyptic writing in the bible, a Satan's army is mentioned to be the Evil to be destroyed for the rising of the Messiah or so God wins the battle against Evil. It is similar in the animal kingdom and why animals are alerted first of the incoming danger that lay ahead. For example, cats and caged birds, alert you of the incoming storm or when it is going to rain, so, they can take shelter. Satan's army lost the war.