Friday, May 1, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When we think of France and an introduction of a Gothic style, in presumably the mid 12th Century, we are introduced to a life of the Tudor Court. This was a society of riches and what is left behind for us to view was from the Royal family. For example, merchant traders would have traded fine woven cloth for gold, silk, ivory and other riches. Fine woven cloth and traditional weaving is something France is still famous for or the fashion and their design style. This is something that takes all French people to Heaven, elegant design. Good design soars the French all the way up the steeple, to Heaven. However, we would not want to think of French Gothic churches or the church interiors as simply being good design. The design of the baked glass of the stained glass windows nominates the Tudor or the Court but is placed in such an abstract, square pattern design, in Gothic churches with high, fluted windows, all the way to the ceiling, that we equate greatness or the Tudor of the Court, Royal family by birth, for want of another name. The churches were mainly designed for the dead and placed in a position in town, accordingly, to receive the dead by transport. The Spirit flies to the infinite.