Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Love takes us to the forest for the love of the birds and they communicate God in a Westerly wind. Love in the forest is the birds. We love the birds to love us for they communicate the love in our hearts, for they are God and God is love. The birds also communicate death, another communication of the birds. Birds have to communicate to the bigger creatures in the forest who has trespassed and who has passed. Birds tell us of the infinite awareness of God, they are his message and we are to receive the message of God in our hearts in the forest. A communication of the birds is like a communication on the wire or the telephone line to God. Birds tell you by their call who is to send you a message or who is to call. Some birds are for publicity and others are for the colours of your soul or song, birds are of the plume or multilingual or well versed in the song, their plumes nominate their song. We have Robin's tweeting a little, high-pitched twill or tune and then there are fantails telling you who is coming to dinner, they flutter all around you as you stir up their meal or ground insects on your path. The direction of the Westerly wind flows through you.