Saturday, May 23, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When you view the horizon line between the open sea and the sky, your mind is taken to the line between a consciousness of where we go at death and an unconsciousness of Heaven. Sleep and death is the watery domain. God is in Heaven in the infinite awareness of the self, for we contemplate our death this way. The vista is a view of where God needs to take you to love. The unconsciousness of the sea and infinity of the self is where you would find God, the self, love, death and the angels of the sea. Our Spirit follows the water and our soul plunges the depths of the ocean to find solace. The line of the horizon journeys forth like a fate line where life and death are immersed in the sea. The infinite takes us to the unconscious and we trespass our destiny. We are destined for love.