Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Seals are playful in the sea as they roll, tumble and play near the surface of the water, fishing, bathing and swimming to the gods delight. Worshipping the Sun, seals often sunbake on the rocks and beaches, nearby. Seals appear to lead a blessed life in God's infinite ocean. The sea, like the sky, takes you to an infinite comprehension of what God could mean. As we contemplate the sea and the seals, among the other marine mammals frequenting the ocean, we feel the need to journey with the seals from one fishing place to another. Riding through the infinite sea, with the seals in view, takes the journey of the mind to the subliminal. The unconscious and the sea are often evaluated in a similar sea of emotions in dreams. With the depth of the ocean in view, our conscious awareness of the sea reflects the unconscious. We mathematically equate infinity.