Sunday, May 3, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When we think about where the Spirit goes after death, we are taken to the forest and the birds show us the pathway to the sky, up towards the treetops. The Spirit then flies up past the treetops like an angel towards the sky. God takes over here and shows you the pathway to Heaven. If you are not to ascend to God in the sky, then, your Spirit is covered. The undergrowth of the forest floor covers the Spirits not to be ascended to God, so, make sure you are careful not to enter the forest. The birds tell you who has passed through the forest that day, so, be sure to listen to the birds in the sky for the forest floor is not to be trespassed by strangers. When our Spirit ascends it grows like a tree, upwards towards the light of God. Trees love you to love them, for they are earth and we are forest. Love your trees in the garden.