Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

We follow the tree of love up to where the birds reside, in the treetops. God then takes us up to the cliff tops where the hawks nest to visit the Greek goddess of Night, Hypnos. In Ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of sleep had two hawk wings on either side of her head, to swoop down to those endowed with night, to gently brush a human being with sleep via the tip of the wing and the goddess of the Night, Morpheus, the goddess of dream was to follow. Dreams are the sleep of reason. Gods, also, had the capacity to transpire nightmares. Night is the night of reason. The goddess of sleep, Hypnos, is the goddess of darkness and related to the Night. We breathe. The unconscious is the reflection of the self and why we sleep. We sleep for reason or a conscious rationality. Hypnos is often equated with the wrong side of darkness by people who take the goddess to Hell and leave her there as the powerful goddess is related to death, our final resting place and Night, so, place your night in sleep, an unconscious infinity of reason. God bless sleep.