Monday, May 25, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When we think about the red blood of fate we become tree. Daphne is the tree of our blood for we are the roots of God and he is our tree in Heaven. We are left facing the tree of fate. With our face, facing our limbs and branches, our feet stand on the Earth. We are Earth for we are the Earth of God. Daphne is our flowering tree for we are the vessel of life. Our blood is our tree for we are love in the face of Creation. Flowers take us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, they flower and we love. Tree flowers take you to an understanding of Daphne, a complex position of the self as tree in the garden of love. Trees loved Daphne and when we flower, the gods protect us. Blood in the creation of the self is a tree in love with God, we draw our blood as the stems and branches draw nourishment through the trunk. Sunlight to starlight and both nourish the leaves. We are Earth for we are love. Daphne is the tree of love.