Sunday, May 24, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

We grow like the wind and that is our destiny. Fate is for the gods to decide. We measure the length for this is our destiny. The gods make the cut. Gods cut the threads of fate. Our fate is so immersed in our life that the tree roots become entangled. Fate goes hand in hand with God as leaves face the sky with leaves and deciduous trees glisten in the sunlight. Our branches are our stems for we are roots of the earth. Love transpires like sap after fallen branches. Flowering trees blossom in the Spring. Our trees are our love for we are God. When God is our tree of fate, we are the limbs for the fates are the tree and our foundation is the roots. The three fates use their measuring stick for love is fate. We spin our fate as the tree grows its leaves and branches are akin to this, for we are love in the limbs. Our limb is our tree of fate.