Saturday, May 16, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When the clouds are pregnant with rain, you know your Spirit flies like the wind unto Heaven, the wind dies down and God blesses you with the rain. Clouds tell you about the sky and take you to the infinite. On windy days, the clouds race along and tell you of the incoming weather. The birds of the sea find shelter in the rocky outcrop in the cliffs and the seals, sea lions and penguins all roll about enjoying the abundance of fish supply from choppy seas. The clouds reflect on the sea while the seals and penguins swim home or sun themselves on the nearest beaches, nestling into the sand dunes for shelter. Our Spirit flies away somewhere up with the clouds while the Sun breaks through the clouds and shines down on us. The continuing changing weather report takes the Sun behind a cloud. Our Spirit races along with the clouds and clouds take our Spirit to the infinite. Clouds are our Spirit for we are the wind and the wind is Spirit. Our Spirit reflects the clouds.