Thursday, May 7, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When the wind turns Northerly, God has a bird enter your house and this is the communication of the Lord. Some cultures describe this occurrence to mean death is in the house or someone close to you is going to die. For other cultures, death in the house does not mean the physical death of those ready to die. A spiritual death communicates the ascension of the Holy Spirit. Birds take you to another home. Your home is the forest where the birds are happiest in abundance with one another and communicate their love this way. Birds are part of God in the forest of your love and the voice they speak tells you of the love for God with the tone of their birdcall. Your Spirit finds a home in the forest. The bird in your heart flies to God when you die and after ascension occurs, a feather may be left behind. The Spirit flies to God.