Monday, June 1, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

So, what does the Sun tell us about, who we are? The Earth revolves around the Sun and we feel the change of the Seasons in the wind. The warmth of the Sun like a hot Summer's day, takes you into consciousness. We have to be consciously aware of the self, to know, who we are. There is an inner reflection with the unconscious development in sleep. Brought into consciousness, the awareness of dream is about as vague as the memory of the dreams, themselves. We have an inner reflection and this is notable when we wakeup from the night and here, the memory of the self makes sense in a half waking light. Consciousness is bought into fruition by the rising of the Sun and the subliminal memory of the unconscious philosophy lingers through the day. We may be reminded by psychopomps of a nightmare. These creatures of the night plunge us into the darkest night, where the unconscious shades the self, during daylight hours. Our subconscious stirs the memory where we dare to forget and the unconscious makes us remember. The Sun is the Sun of another day.