Monday, May 18, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The gentle ecology of the sea has nature in the balance. If you take a journey out to sea and a storm, at high sea, blows you off course, you can end up anywhere off the map. Lighthouses in populated places are to alert sailors and their ships of the danger at sea, mainly hidden rocks out at sea and dangerous coves that will cause a shipwreck. In Ancient Greek literature, there are also dangerous islands and small rocky outcrops, nominated by the gods, for their danger. The majestic mammals of the sea can also be blown off course, with the incoming sea. For example, whales will beach themselves rather than be killed by being hurtled towards the rocks near the shoreline, as they have to protect their young. Like ships, sea mammals would follow the direction of the sea and with nature in the balance there would be a reason for God to cause high winds, out at sea, to protect nature. The volume of the depth of the ocean would need to be kept a certain density, to take our planet Earth to the infinite or keep the Earth spinning on its axis. Life is eternal and the eternity of life.