Saturday, May 2, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Churches take us to our ascension and we commemorate moments of our birth. For example, our life of the church and God Bless the Virgin Mary. We are blessed at birth for love, for this is the love of Christ by the Virgin and our infinite awareness of the Spirit takes us to God. So, finally, when we find our resting place, our Spirit is taken to Heaven. Our death is our final resting place. The church is to ascend our Spirit unto God and our Spirit goes out through the steeple like a bee may continue its journey out the flower to the beehive. Our Spirit is blessed at birth by the bathing of the feet, with our temples blessed with the wetting of our head, at a baptising font in a christening ceremony to honour our birth and this is to show our Spirit the path of ascension. And then we rise and this is through to the infinite awareness of God, our forest of ascension. God plant a tree.