Friday, May 15, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

God tells us about the infinite and birds tell us how. The birds sing his song and tell us about incoming rain. We are told about the weather and by this, God tells us about the infinite. For example, a certain direction of the wind brings incoming rain and other stormy weather explains the tidal moon or the direction of sea currents with a weather report for the next few days. When you walk along, on a gusty day and the leaves swirl around in whirlpools, you feel God is stirring up the Spirits. The clouds then bring incoming rain. Love is transpired with the love of the infinite. Like angels of the sea, our heart flies up to God. Everything leads to our ascension with a memory. Only God knows who we are and our love takes us to the infinite, for we hear our name in the wind, God call our name. So, to know the infinite in our heart all it takes is to be Spirit and the spirit of the wind take me to God. Fly Spirit unto God.