Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Death is the awareness of life and takes you to infinity. Infinite variations of the human being give life the difference we need. Death is the comprehension of the living while love is the understanding of death. We take ourselves to Heaven this way. The death we live is the life we love. A spiritual knowledge of death takes you to the love of God by the angel's wing and this dreaming forest of love takes you to such a supreme state of upper consciousness, you are bathed in God's Divine light. The infinite awareness of one is God. The Heaven on high, we attain in a waking state, is a gracing of God. This place of attainment is the place God takes you to, to listen to the angels and the Divine appreciation of the self. We quietly ascend to find death and the love of God. The euphoria God wants you to feel in your heart is love and a residence placed there in your heart at birth. Heaven is what you see when the angels bless you. Infinity is Heaven.