Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

If we swim with the dolphins and submerge ourselves down into the depths of the ocean, then we come up feeling like Neptune has taken us on a ride, on the back of a mermaid, to the entrance of the gates of the sea. The sea is our entrance to Heaven and dolphins like other sea mammals have the key. Our mind wanders to stories of the sea and ancient mythology from Ancient Greek literature, where gods and monsters frequent a magical realism. Dolphins are seafarers who navigate and travel alongside ships, they are also, often seen as communicating. The dolphins are communicating, often with a strange chirping sound to people on board the ships but mainly to their own kind of mammals, under the sea, with sonar. Their sole purpose, as dolphins, appears to be to investigate and gage the level of danger, from a foreign vessel in their waters, almost like coastguards of the sea, for other marine life. All animals have a purpose for God, in their own environment. We submerge again, with the dolphins, right to the bottom of the sea and enter their world, with our imaginings. This cycle of eternity take us to infinity with the cycle of life of the sea. God bless the sea.