Saturday, May 9, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

In the infinite awareness of God we find the forest and the birds call his name. A forest of imagining is a forest of learning and God be thy name. When we go back to the forest, the birds call our name and sing about an infinite awareness of God. We image the forest to take our Spirit somewhere and our Soul opens up to this breath. We breathe oxygen. Birds sing of Heaven in the forest for they are in the forest and God loves them to sing. The inner learning of the forest takes us to everything we need know about God and the infinite. Plants were established on the Earth a long time before human beings, so, their species have evolved over a longer time span and everything we need to know about the Universe exists in the forest. For example, if you look at a tree, you are made to feel aware of its history. Similarly, if you look at a human being you can equate their generation. The age of generations of plants takes you to a Divine understanding of the forest. Here, birds call our name. The heavenly domain of the forest within takes God to your forest. In Heaven we learn about the forest. Your star pattern is nominated at death as with birth to take you to the infinite. An infinite understanding of time is similar to an unconscious awareness of death. We are taken there, to death via the unconscious, in sleep, to form an equation of our waking life and quite often people die in their sleep. Death is not something we have to be that conscious of, other than to protect ourselves from danger or the dying a premature death. We dream and go on a journey something akin to astral travelling at night to a place where God tries to explain the infinite awareness of death. When your Spirit participates in astral travelling and this is usually an occurrence in a semi-conscious or subconscious state, we are actually experiencing death or what if feels for the Spirit to leave the body. Timeless time or the infinite is a place for the Spirit to reside at death and this place like our sleeping state is where God takes us for the eternal sleep or death, they are equated with the same god, death and sleep. Sometimes guidance of the Spirit is necessary.