Thursday, May 28, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Latent monsters, such as the snake headed monster Medusa, are there as a protector, averting the evil gaze and ideas of men, turning onlookers to stone. Beheaded by Perseus, Pegasus was born, flying from Medusa's body to Heaven. Medusa, once a beautiful mortal, was turned snakey monster and a mirrored reflection killed her. Anubis, on the other hand, was the father of the snake goddess, Kebechet, her cooling water was to purify the spirits of the dead as a protection of the body before mummification. An afterlife takes you to the life of the Spirit, weighing heavily on the crossing to the underworld. Chthonic monsters take us to the depths of the sea while gods traverse the entrance of another domain and we fly with Pegasus up the mountain, up to Heaven. Thunder and lightening greet us up there, on top of the mountain and we feel blessed by Zeus, as souls take the pathways of rivers to find infinity. Monsters and creatures from the abyss take us on another pathway to Hell. We greet ourselves there, in a half denial of the self, the unconscious, where latent monsters should be left alone to dwell to protect our inner self and take the last boat ride to infinity. Part god, monster and primal inner self, we are made aware of death, so, we can find Heaven. Let monsters live in the deep.