Sunday, May 17, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The Divine reflection of the clouds on your face reflects the sea, the wind and your Spirit. Your Spirit reflects the heavenly domain and God's Divine nature for we are Spirit and the wind. The Spirit of the wind is nature and God is nature, too. The racing of time has the clouds reflect the wind and clouds lead to follow. We reflect the sky in our Spirit for the sky reflects our face and the wind blows in our hair, for this is God loving your Spirit reflecting Heaven. Heaven takes our Spirit to God and God takes your Spirit to the infinite. An understanding of the infinite is Spirit for Spirit is time and time is God. Time takes you to love and God takes you to Heaven where your Spirit blows in the wind. Our Spirit is on a journey like the wind and time takes you to the wind. We blow a gale in our hearts for God sometimes and storms can blow our life off course. Our Spirit flies like the wind.