Monday, May 11, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

So, with time equalling one conception of the infinite, the past, the present and the future take us to the infinite. The journey begins. We start at birth for a journey to the infinite. As the years travel by us, we are taken closer to the infinite. Our past travels by us and our present catches up with us. We are projected into the future when we are dead. The future takes us along as though we are time travellers for a different life. We project everything we do in the present into the past and evaluate the difference while we are alive but our journey is forward thinking, for example, like there is no past or any future only a present pathway. The journey to the infinite is as rapid as death. We are not here on the Earth, in any one given life, for very long. A life short lived. The passage of time takes us to the infinite.