Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Birds bless your pathway and the forest shows you the way home. An infinite awareness of the self is the forest. If we equate ourselves to a tree, then, the limbs are our arms and we are forest. The infinite takes you to God that way for a tree trunk is our body and your feet entwine the earth with the roots to gain nourishment for your body. We become forest when the the earth tells us how to be a tree. The leaves on your branches face the sky and reflect God's beautiful vista of the Earth above. Forest trees like you to surround them and you are caressed by God's love when the birds fly overhead and tell you of incoming rain. Rain is our blessing by the rain. Forests take us to an infinite understanding of the self, we are forest for the forest is God as our heart is God and our life is like the forest. Forest take us to love.