Thursday, April 30, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Long elongation of church windows upwards towards the steeple, takes our mind to the sky and the beautiful light reflected through the glass, depending on the time of day, to a reflection in our hearts of Heaven, the infinite light of God. Our heart is transpired and taken to inner reflections of the soul, where the Spirit flies to God with a message of love. The euphoric joy such reflections inspire in our hearts are only to take us to the infinite feeling of love, a joy felt by God. Viewing coloured glass, during daylight, in the interior of a church, is how God sees our heart from the inside viewing out our window. Our eyes reflect the contents of our heart and our life reflects our love. We are taken through to the infinite awareness of light, here, where the light of God takes us to love and the infinite takes us further. Our heart reflects the glass.