Friday, May 30, 2014


A divine pathway exists through Gods divine garden. This is lined with the patterns of the stars to take you to your divine home or the divine place in your heart. Your heart reflects the divine pathway on the ground, nominating the pathway in the heavens to follow. The pathway is led at night when the blanket cover of stars are up above and we are down below until sunrise unconsciously absorbing Gods divine message. You do notice plants communicate with the cosmos and there activities are influenced with the cycles of the moon not that we are not influenced with the cycles of the moon, consciously or not. Some countries you tend to notice the plant life more than others. Maybe God wants us to notice where he is divine. Other countries you may notice the divine flavours of philosophy in their food. Not just food for thought such as incredibly nominated temples to the divine love of God or art museums and the artwork on display but with lunches in between gallery hopping, some galleries prevail with their special restaurants others just are for afternoon tea and then there are others you may bypass and find your celebration to Holy divine en route to the next venue. The stars suggest the way to your heart.