Friday, May 2, 2014


The cross equalling God is somewhere the stars takes us to on a divine highway to man. The cross has been used as a floor plan for Christian churches, sometimes the pulpit, sometimes the altar, sometimes the twelve pointed star as the base of a Baptistery. Diagrams of Renaissance architecture take all your logical reason to God. They take your understanding to the kind of geometrical awareness man knows in his heart. The nomination of this divine no end philosophy has been re-equated again and again throughout the history of mankind. Bridge patterns for the soul. Early in the twentieth century there was another kind of evaluation taking place with automatic writing becoming dream philosophy and then the irrational inner understanding reaching the point of the heart, almost the God point, the tip, the very core of your being. Philosophy appears to follow the star patterns around as we spin on the axis. In the USA, Abstract Expressionism took abstract thinking to nature via the roof, a cathedral of understanding. In Europe there appears to be a more intellectual contemplation of an awareness of philosophy. Philosophy still dominates as something on the curriculum with any high school. The art on the other hand was taking a more philosophical viewpoint. Taking us all the way back to some of the Early Christian writings of philosophy in the first year of Christ, God equalling the Holy divine.

Piero della Francesca

Jackson Pollock