Thursday, May 29, 2014


I probably did visit the Bargello Museum looking for Luca della Robbia. There was one sculpture I came across early with ascension service to God or looking at books and study in the evening. This was a relief bust of a lady now housed in the Bargello National Museum. Through further research this portrait is apparently a member of the royal family of the house of d'Este. Most artists would not have been allowed access so would have to place her portrait in their hearts and almost sculpt a portrait of someone they loved, sometimes the goddess within. Even though there are no nominated female artists named during the Italian Renaissance, you feel there were workshop assistants and art students who probably did use this time as an education or time to fill in until they were to be married. The royal family were not allowed to work or probably do anything other than be entertained. The royal family would have been patrons of the arts and commissioned portraits. There would only be room for what would comfortably fit on the walls of their home. All the portraits of this divine goddess have a really strange hair design. Shaved on the top with braided jewellery around her earlobes. In the book I still possess, the divine possibly French royal family member looks incredibly sad to the point of melancholic. Maybe it is just the photographer but God gave her wings in my heart and it was a blessing seeing her there in Florence.