Sunday, May 18, 2014


Saint Mary Magdalene by Donatello is the breath wind of God. Her place with the river gods of the Arno secures her seat. Originally a church offering in the main chapel of Florence, this mystic ascetic would have been surrounded by angels, more than likely on a metal oval that may have rusted through because of the river's full flow. The river Arno did flood in the 1960's and caused extensive damage to the centre town museums. They have renovated this piece but it would have been made on a spindle and painted with gold leaf so unfortunately the dear goddess will slowly but surely rot away. Stripping the paint off Saint Mary Magdalene like with the Tilman Riemenschnider sculpture, given the polychrome tradition of that era, will not help with the woodworm, it would be better if the Munich goddess was kept in a glass case so no more bugs lay eggs. The typical wood that was used during this century would not be fully dry and virtually never dries out so the paintwork would be okay in a church lined with wood and burning incense, this would also keep the woodworm away. Other altarpieces are still in German churches and would be in better condition. This late Donatello is contributed for feast day and a description of the whole artists life right to the very breath of his last gasp.  This is an extremely deep contemplation of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the goddess within to take him to Heaven with the love of God, the breath, the wind, the kiss of God's love.