Saturday, July 27, 2013

Page 48


The equation of God is not something you can easily get to via a sheep's back but should be considered with deep philosophical principals even for those who are not engaged in this kind of enquiry. This is of a solid ascension to God with a heaven on earth to be acknowledged with the observation of nature and to understand why we are given to the earth. Thinking is something of a gift it seems and those blessed with gorgeous ideas try and transform them into something of a glorious experience to encourage the knowledge to be accessed by those influenced by similar kinds of endeavour. One can see the white light of the sun in a sheep fleece that feels like the Holy Spirit or the connection of the earthly domain to God. These creatures should be allowed to roam freely in the hills to help them entertain themselves during the day. Shepherds feel like they have a love of the earthly sphere and are part of Gods earthly presence. You can imagine shepherds in and around the orchards in the small towns around Florence and to have more of life closer to God.