Friday, July 12, 2013

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Edward Steichen

The equation of black and white should normally equal good and evil but when we are talking about cows we would not really expect them to be bad cows but could have not very nice bloodlines to them and be naughty cows rather than evil. And their marking would be symptomatic of their nature or breeding. In England these cows are called Jersey cows and are especially bred for milk and cheese. In Switzerland they would mainly be brown in colour, of a lighter nature and the cowbells would make them more sociable, whereas the Shetland cattle would be brought up on a stony hill to make them more active. With sheep they are usually happier on the rocks but sometimes like gathering on the plain. You can have different coloured sheep but they are usually one colour, either cream, brown or black, depending which way the crow flies.

Albrecht Durer