Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Andrea del Sarto, Pieta with Saints, c. 1523-1524

God's divine will is something Settignano was occupied with from that start, it seems, so therefore special gifts were on offer to him. He was someone in the public domain and his sculptures although they would not have been exhibited in a public museum would have been commissioned by private collectors. Settignano was someone special to God's divine house obviously, otherwise we would not have these gorgeous gifts for our view and would be unaware of his activities. You would not normally know about an artists life so most of the people who do write about artists would only be speculating about what they did know or could find out. The garden theme is something you feel like you could reach out and touch, smell or feel and even Settignano's shepherd ideas were of this nature. And with the idea of God being somewhere on your path you feel he is observing empathy with the human race and trying to make us oblige his divine will.

Correggio, Noli me Tangere, c. 1525

Fra Angelico, St. Peter Consacrates, 
St. Lawrence as Deacon, c. 1447-1449,
Cappella Niccolina, Palazzi Pontifici, 

Pisanello, The Virgin and Child with Saints, c. 1435-1441