Monday, September 30, 2019

Unbeknown to us

Nicole Page-Smith

Unbeknown to us

Birds fly. They fly and small flocks visit winter trees in winter. Seeds of native plants have species of finches and the resemblance of Christ, fly through. All birds are blessed with red faces but their wings are the reflection of ascension. Flying they fly through air and seek shelter in flocks. Flying and in flight as animals would gather together, smaller birds need protection. Larger animals and birds need isolation and quite often breed in isolation of one another. All seems necessary about food. Gathering.

Gathering together angels fly. In the heavens above angels gather around like seraphim. Angels of heaven and skies are an indication of where the blue air resides. Air is the fire, the water and the sky. We travel like birds to the angel realms of heaven and sometimes heaven can be in the sky. Heaven can be in the warmth of warm clothes, reading and on Earth. Angels can live in the sky. The fire of the sky is an angel realm of heaven and air is the substance of the sky. Angels exist on Earth. Angels fly into the light and remind you of the sunset in the sky, orange then, pink, nor purple, angels exist in the sky.

Birds, fly but angels are from another realm. As birds fly and ascend upwards on the updrafts of warm air ascending, gliding without flapping their wings, this is the experience of angels who hover more than glide. Hovering and becoming sky is a spiritual thing and angels lead you. Ascending angels are different to angels on the ground. Angels are not human or from the human realm and you feel do inform us of God. Angels appear attracted to anything they consider of their magical worth. The angelic realms of heaven are in the sky. Earthly realms are of a different nature and we exist in the angelic realm of heaven unbeknown to us.