Sunday, September 22, 2019


Nicole Page-Smith


Angels, fly

Flying angels are stars.
Stars are shining.
Shining is an angel and angels only shine in their golden pathway to the sky. 

Golden light.

Light is the golden. Star.
Stars shine when angels enter the churchyard. Churches.

Rose windows glimmer in the light.

Through ascension windows, coloured light shines. Shining.
Flying and in heaven angels sing. Seraphim enter the white light.

Realms of heaven appear golden and angelic. 
White light and stars glimmer as if stars were the light. Light is the way forward but surrounds you. The sun is shining as if in your eyes. The realms of heaven between the Earth and the Sun do shine. In heaven light is of ascension.

Going to the cathedral you travel to the stars, up the cathedral steeple. Angels, fly. Flying through ascension, colours are made like the rainbow. Although, heaven is white, the temples to gods and angels fly through coloured reflections. Do reflections of angels occur in colour? Wing tips. The tips of angel wings are the colours of ascension and like birds flying through forests provide only a glimpse of colour. The colour of angels is like the sky all colours turn to blue. You would not imagine the colours of a rainbow to turn blue but when the rainbow fades all you see is the sky.

Golden is the light.