Thursday, September 26, 2019

The sky

Nicole Page-Smith 

The sky

Golden is the light.

Angels, fly. And are stars for the infinite. We fly to the stars. Stars between Earth and the stars take you. Planets including Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are there and angels are between the stars. Stars. Heaven is in the sky but in the clouds. Clouds drift. Drifting between the golden light and the angels we become cloud and then, light. We are one. One world and one, One with God, One with God is one with nigh and one with nigh is the Lord. Birds fly like angels in the sky and glimmer. Transcendent is the light. Light. Cathedrals are the light. To go from the light of the cathedral to all the angels in sky we need to turn to the light of God. Golden feathers take you there on the wings of finches. Finches were trained as pets to accompany the churchyard, icon, personal altars and merchants during the Baroque. Flying like angels finches are attracted to the light. The blood red light of Christ is the golden light you would see if birds flew through the light. Stars take you to God.

Light, the light flies forth.

Trees have birds in the trees. Trees and birds are of the wing of god. Angels are of the tree. Trees are only welcome to angels when nature is of the tree. Birds fly like angels, seraphim in the clouds. But, past the clouds, the heavens exist. The angelic realms between birds and the sky take us to the distance of the Sun and planets revolve as if through a rainbow of colors. As we approach death we only see the light. Are all our dreams in black and white? Colored dreams are for god.

Angels, fly.

Flying we fly. Upwards is the motion of angels. If you follow, the steeple towards the sky, upwards, towering in the sky you will be flying and steeples flying with buttresses, flying with flying buttresses. And clouds you will fly with the angels. Clouds are the range of religious experience needed and describe the heavens, ascension and the sky. When we go past the universe to the region of heaven needed for the blessed we enter the light of birds flying in the sky and a flight. However, this place is not heaven for those not blessed by God. The light of the infinite travels with the spirit, traveling. When we are in the angel realm, flying we enter the water of the sky. We become air and the fire of the heavens, the light is our knowledge and the flight of birds an indication. Flight and the golden wings of finches, fly and trees travel upwards to the sky. Heaven is the realm of the sky.