Monday, September 2, 2019

Nature is ever present - Feathers fly

Nicole Page-Smith

Nature is ever present


Ascending, the birds fly. Upward is an understanding of ascension. Feathers fly with the birds. Ascending angels gather around and when you walk they fly. Flying is something for the birds and angels tend to ascend.

Feathers in the nest and the odd feather on the ground are of the plumed variety of feathers. Feathered lining and feathers, angels hover all round us. We are flying and travelling with the birds in ascension like birds flying up through the trees. Our journey is of the feathered nest. We fly through life like the birds through the sky. Clouds would know a better time as ascension is as fleeting a moment. Our mortal life takes us to the immortality we know through god and gods and our spirits home. 

The distance between the sun and the moon is the sun. Time is of essence.

We witness the Veiled Christ.

Giusseppe Sanmartino, "Il Cristo Velato"  (The Veiled Christ), 1753, 
Museo Cappella Sansevero, Naples, Italy

Ascension is of a knowing of Christ. The veiling of Christ is to take us to ascension. Shrouded. If you think of ascension you are taken up to the clouds. To become water with the clouds you become all the rivers and streams and then, fly up with the birds as if for a continuation. To become the shrouded with the viewing of Christ is to become ascension with an angel. Now, the angel of Christ is in the knowing of the Lord. Angels of ascension took Christ to Heaven. Christ's veiling is a significant example of ascension but the birds. All the creatures of ascension were well known to the Baroque but in a very dark way and there we fly off with the finch. The blood red colouring of the finch with the gold represents the blood of Christ. Leaves have trees but are thinking of the grotto not the cave. Blue is our ascension serving but skyward with the clouds, the birds and the rain. We are crowned and dancing free as if there were rain on the roof but really the release of ascension takes us higher. The angels of Christ are there for us. As if going mad and hearing chattering and seeing people grimace in contorted expressions we realise god was only talking of the angel. Angels smile, weep and cry along with us. Angels are held within your heart and tend to fly off when we ascend they carry your heart as if on wings. We ascend like vapour and join with the clouds. Trees blow in the wind. Birds flutter off and go to the love of God, birds of the hand fly to. 

Carel Fabritius, The goldfinch, 1654, Mauritshuis, Den Haag

When birds of the hand fly, they fly up to the top of the treetops as though out of your hand to God. Imagine if the world sprung out of your hand. Is god our magician? We did spring out of the garden with all the flowers and the trees one, day. On the day of the Lord we were one with God. We did spring and it was Spring, we did rise with all the new shoots and flew off with the birds. Nests and feathers were feathering the nest and new chicks in the trees chirped, happily. All Spring blossomed and flowered from the earth. We grew out of the garden. All Spring blossomed and flowered from the earth. We grew out of the garden. Gardens grow in Spring, time and time is of the flight of god in ascension, we are here on earth for a shortened time. Like trees we fall. When we fall to earth we are of the earth falling through the earth we fall through space. Space and dark matter are the same as earth and we are of the earth and we spring up with spring flowers. To spring up with spring flowers we grow anew.

Growing and spring are one. One flower in the cycle of the Lord includes all life and death. The fragile quality of earth is as though we all crumble and crumbling to dust we all grew, growing from the fertile earth. As fast as we materialize and become, we disintegrate. We therefore become God's love or part of the spirit of the earth. The earth has spirit for we are and our spirit actually forms from the earth, we are of the spirit earth. Earth and Spirit are one with God for we are, the Universe. We are the moon and the Sun. Now, the moon and the Sun are part of our Universe, part of the spirt earth, for we are one with the Universe and are one, the one, God. Our spirit is of the Earth and we are of the stars, stars fly off with comets and meteorites where we become one. One star bears our name and this is the star we go to and are born underneath, God gives us a pathway.

Feathers fly.