Sunday, October 6, 2019

Yellow is the flight of angels

Nicole Page-Smith

Yellow is the flight of angels

Humans. Humans are the flame of the candle. Flickering, our spirits are like the flame. The flame burns and the spirit soars. Soaring through air is like the spirits journey through life. Life goes to air by the flame and flames are what we have to look forward to in the skies of the fiery heaven. Heaven is like a flame. If you could imagine the fire of your life is like the experience of it and the circle of the realms of heaven are like the passages of life, then we are almost there. We are born to live and then are born to die and have a middle time or three phases of being. Heavens are where the heart is. The heavenly passage if you were is something our life gears us up for and is like the land, the air and the sea. We trespass and fly. Trespassing and flying we become angel in the fiery heavens, above. Fire is all we see past life and a light like the centre of the candle's flame. The mystical realms of heaven are somewhere else attained by life on Earth. The dual element of attaining heaven could be interesting if you were already part of the air or the sky and rained pure water. Water is part of the sea of the air and travels upwards.

Upwards angels fly. Angels, fly. Flying is an angel thing to do in the sky, although to hover is their appearance. We appear like angels in the sky and then, to fly as birds may tend to do. Upwards is the sky and in heaven. Blue is the sky. Birds fly and travel through the trees, brightly in colour. Colour is the colour of angels in the sky. Skies form the realm we know but past your angel are the birds and they ascend. Ascending is the only understanding we have, to travel upwards as with hot air and become rain in the clouds only to descend. The descension of angels is not in our understanding. We cannot travel back in time. However, we do tend to almost descend like angels from the heavens and come to live an earthly life, if only we could comprehend time. We travel backwards to fulfil our life and have a comprehension of an age of the planet but this does not help. We travel forward. 

Forward we travel to descend like angels but, oh the birds. Birds do ascend and travelling around in small flocks, finches appear like a golden glow, a little shimmer of light. Swallows appear and occur in pairs, flying and darting, around. Christ is the ascension of birds and their glimmer. If we were then, to think of the glimmer of birds in flight and the way light falls on moving objects we are to contemplate the passing of the spirit through life and the spirits journey. Time travels in the reversal and why we think of Christ is for a biblical reason. The bible was set two thousand years ago during the millennium known as the life of Christ. The short lifespan of birds and then, humans is as fleeting as flight itself but includes the millennium. Bright sunshine and the extreme opposite of sunshine or the darkness may take us close or our life and death are as important as the soles of our feet and the tip of our head. The life of the Virgin takes us further as we are the summation of the life of Christ. Time then, has a dual facility and equal capability of travelling the opposite way. If you were then, to consider Christ and the Mother Mary we could almost get to the relationship with the Earth and the moon but is the moon the Earth or the Sun at any given moment in time? The relationship of the planets to one another is a Christian view and they reflect one another. We do not age in outer space. Yellow is the flight of angels.