Sunday, September 8, 2019

In the wind

Nicole Page-Smith

In the wind

Flying through the stars and entering the mystical realm, you enter the Milky Way. Flying is the way through the universe. A way forward through the universe is for the feathers of angels. Flying is something angels do more in a concept of flying through the air and as the vapour becomes rain. Rain and cold hit your face as though you are bracing the outdoors in the middle of winter and the veiling occurs of wind. Becoming one with the atmosphere as spirits enter their own way down to earth is to become one with God, clouds are the way forward to Jesus but birds enjoy the rain. The Milky Way is what we were born out of but clouds simply take you down via the stars to earth like rain. Once you have been through this process you become earth. Walking the Earth you fly back up to the stars with the angels and then in a way only known to gods are air and the wind of the sea. Our spirit becomes universe and flying as though feathers were attached we are transported. The cosmos is our home. Golden and of an eternity we drift like pollen in Spring air for all the infinite universe to see with the light of the Sun and the stars. A dual reality exists where we are cosmos and earthly bound. If there were to be cosmography written of the universe we would all equal the map, walking as though in starlight, lighting the universe for God. The perpetual being on earth while we are alive and then going to spirit as the sound of birds in the trees at dawn has us flying. We become cloud and drift all day in our thoughts but to become nature is all God longs for. Stars fall down from heaven and hit the earth but we only notice the dust like the dust of fire meets the sky. On the glory day of the morn a new heaven is born. 

Heaven is in the morning. And heaven is in the Sun. The moon, the stars and the cosmos talk readily to nature. Trees are aware and the birds sing on and fly away in the winter. Migratory birds find a warmer climate. Merrily flying about you all Spiring and Summer, long. 

Migratory birds, birds flying, trees flying, the sky flying. You wonder what migratory birds are feeling when they are flying towards warmer places and watching trees blow in the wind and the clouds departing, racing on by. Every winter when the weather plummets and the birds, fly off, you wonder what the motivation could be as other birds do not fly off when the weather cools. There seems to be plenty of food for smaller birds. Flying through the clouds you wonder if they are thinking of food or simply have an inner, radar governing their direction. Perhaps wind currents inform birds of their direction and other than the odd storm, the birds simply ride the currents of the air. Riding the air like the wind, birds fly. The veiling of Christ is like the wind through bird's wings and flutters.

Universes were sort. Sort by way of stars and there were comets involved. Wings flutter like space. Christ lives in heaven and amongst the sky and the clouds some nights you may see stars. Stars. 

Whole universes and stars, comets, floating, planets, slowly revolving around, fluttering, the veiling cloth of Christ is as though in the wind.