Thursday, January 31, 2019

Amen said the Lord for I am one

Nicole Page-Smith

Flying overhead there are birds. They fly.


They fly with the angels, Angels in the sky. The wing
And beating. The heart. Love is always for the wing to fly. Fly.

The clouds take us further on a windy day and you breathe the air of the clouds.
Clouds float on the wing but oh by and by. Goodbye.
Float on by, clouds and sky.


Clouds and sky,
Float, floating, the clouds ascend. With a view of sky the clouds blow on by, it
is a wind, the Holy Spirit and rushes with a breath. The angels sing but they are
unto God. We pray for the love of God but he said. He said he. We are love for the
Lord but the Lord is one. One world, one love and one being, love. Now, a love for
the Lord is one love we know. We love ourselves for being one love with the 
Lord. One Lord is all we know and our master,
Clouds float on by and we are on the wing, the wings of angels, blessed.
We are God, the god of an angel. And the angel is the eye of God.
Eyes of God are nigh, our messenger and our humble servant,
Blessed. The eyes of God are one with the Lord. Blessed is the Lord above and we
are and he said one. I am your humble service. Amen.


Amen said the Lord for I am one.