Sunday, January 27, 2019

God bless the angels

Nicole Page-Smith

God bless the angels

When the stars are born in the heavens stars fly out like angels. 
Angels are like stars and fly but we do not see them in the night sky only feel
their presence up there in the heavens.
Stars are like angels flying and are bright.
Skies have moons and are like other worlds they have other planets. 
Do we observe her face, the moon? 
But, on earth the angels walk with us in their own angelic world. 
We do not see the angels but occasionally they cross our path. God bless the angels of the night.

Clouds fly with you in the daytime. Night is there. 
Night is by day hiding behind the moon. 
The Sun and the moon are by day, night. 
We love the moon to see the Sun but by day angels walk.
Angles love you in the heavens. 
We rise above our understanding and fall.
God is our euphoria and the angels have to remind us of our name.
God is our understanding.
Euphoric are the angels, euphoria and angels.
Heavens, are blessed, by the stars,
God, angels, stars and heaven are one.

Heaven is in the stars.